Darkening Skye

Experienced Homicide Detective Nicholas Woods goes undercover as the father his much younger colleague to catch a serial killer who preys on young female tourists.

He has to act as the father of the cute junior detective who is barely cleared for active duty. He’d say she’s wrong for the job, but she looks exactly like the victims. And that makes her the perfect bait.

Woods never liked the fresh-faced girl next door type, but he never had to live with one before. Being professional was never as hard as when she calls him Daddy.

Tall, blonde and California tanned, Skye was a happy cop until she got shot. She got transferred across the country, and relegated to a desk job. The highlight of her days was devouring the archived cases of the legendary Nicholas Wood. When she gets partnered with him, hero worship turns into something unexpected.

Being around Woods, the bubbly vanilla girl discovers a new side of herself. Skye finds herself sliding into a darkness she had never acknowledged.

At the end of their assignment, they have to deal with their feelings in the real world. How will reality measure up to the fantasy?

Darkening Skye features a relationship between an older man and a younger woman. The characters are in dangerous situations outside their control, where they have to resort to measures that some people may find disturbing. The story is intended for mature audiences only due to the explicit language and violence.

This is a love story at heart, but it’s a dark and strange heart.

Darkening Skye is a full-length, standalone mystery and suspense romance with a HFN and a cliffhanger for the HEA in Haunting Woods.