The Queen of Rock = Dark Dream + Light Dream


She always loved his music. Now she falls for the man.

Dark Dream is not Andrew King’s best song or his band’s most popular hit, but it’s Vy’s favorite and she pours her heart and soul into it each time she sings it. Instead of following in her parents’ footsteps attending a prestigious university, Vy auditions on the most popular talent show in Illyria. In front of… HIM.

Andrew King throws himself into the most challenging project he can find, trying to numb the pain of his divorce and the separation from his only child. He goes back into the world of television, fifteen years after he walked away from his teenage fame and the ugliness behind the cameras. Instead of clearing out the chaos from his heart and mind, Andrew meets someone who stirs the darkness he thought long buried. He sees the desire in her eyes but is determined stay away. He can’t show her what he feels. He struggled too hard, for too long. He will not become the type of man who takes advantage of his power. But when she looks at him… The longer Andrew and Vy work together on the show, the attraction between them grows stronger. Irresistible. Overwhelming.

How long can the mind overrule the heart?


Resisting temptation, they risk losing true love.

Vy Cesara is becoming a rock star, but at what cost? She is drifting away from her friends. TC, her mentor, manipulates her. Andrew, the man she loves, freezes her out. She doesn’t know that

Andrew’s obsession with her grows, but so does his determination to fight against his own heart. He must not touch her, or he would never stop…

Andrew King is a rock star and a role model for a generation of young musicians. He made his share of mistakes and above all else he fears becoming what he despises. He stubbornly refuses to take advantage of her crush, but he can’t help watching her from the shadows. Vy’s new songs torture him. Tempt him. Taunt him. She wants to be his. He hears it in her songs, as clearly as he used to see it in her eyes. Resisting, he might lose her. All he has to do is reach out…